ART: The Ruslan Khasanov Flow


If you read our section, you know we usually start with the discipline we are discussing, e.g. ART, DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY, etc. But when both the work we are discussing and the person creating it are difficult to categorize, the default is ART:, or artist. Rusland Khasanov IS an artist, and we’re not just saying that because we don’t know another title that suits him best. His new project Pacific Light is a good example of Rusland’s multi-layered, in depth exploration of a subject – in this case, liquids – blending chemistry, photography, motion graphics, and more, to create stunning landscapes and alien worlds any groovy spirit could totally get mesmerized and captivated by.

In this work, the Russian born Rusland transforms soy sauce, soap, oil, ink, and gasoline into psychedelic planets and galaxies, or molecules and particles – depending on your perspective – that only exist for very short periods of time. He captures these reactions with a digital camera and broken pieces from a magnifying glass, and not the high powered telescopes/microscopes I was sure he was using. So turn down you lights, put on your favorite Sun Ra record, light some incense or what ever aromatic substance you prefer, and check out his work. The images and shorts would also work wonders in a small club in Brooklyn superimposed over a Stepkids performance. Just sayin.


You can find out more (beware you could end up on this site for way longer than you can afford) about Rusland Khasanov’s work here. I’m particularly intrigued by his liquid typography.