ART: NYC: Andrew Schoultz at Morgan Lehman Gallery


Engulfed Ship (Black Flags)

“Andrew Schoultz’s multi-faceted practice incorporates monumental wall murals, paintings, sculptures and mixed-media installations that investigate the urgency and perplexities of our modern time.” Juxtapoz

Painter, street artist, sculptor and much more, Andrew Schoultz really came into our radar heavily early this year with major endorsements during sessions with Miami artists like Hoxxoh, and has become much more than a blip on our screens. After wrapping up a successful show at the Monterey Museum of Art, Andrew brings his work to the Morgan Lehman Gallery in NYC.

Andrew’s work is very rich and layered, not only in the multitude of design elements that comprise the work, but in the subjects of his work which create moving narratives. Using symbols borrowed from 15th century German map making, Persian miniature paintings, graffiti and street art, Schoultz’s work holds up a mirror to contemporary society. He takes on greed, war, our relationship with the environment and other hot button topics. But stepping back and taking in the complexity of the work, you could almost get lost in the marks, objects, and rhythms of his paintings, and forget that you are supposed to be thinking about humanity and other deeper themes.


Meditation Under Stress

In Meditation Under Stress (2013), Andrew creates a discussion about corporate and political greed. The environment around the character is made up of $5,000 in shredded $$$. How can the figure find his center so far away when cash rules everything around him? C.R.E.A.M. The image is created over a dyed American Flag which drips gold.

Andrew Schoultz, Shamans Under Tree (2013)Acrylic, Collage, And Gold Leaf, On Panel48h x 48w in (121.92h x 121.92w cm)

Shamans Under Tree

The exhibition will open September 5, 2013 and run through October 12th 2013, with an opening reception for the artist on September 5th from 6 – 8pm.

You can find out more about Andrew Schoultz’s work here.

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