MUSIC: A3C’s Behind the Booth interviews DJ Burn One


Hip-hop’s greatest strength is how it is consistently moving forward. The music styles shift, morphs, and changes as quickly as it’s fans switch slang, clothes, even the way they greet each other. Much of this is ingrained in hip-hop due to it’s competitive nature but it’s roots as outsider music means that its welcoming to all; I’ve made dozens of friends over the years by chatting up about a random track in the background of where both happened to be.

For years large scale rap shows in the US were a rarity thanks to the media’s propagated idea that hip-hop fans and performers aren’t peaceful. It’s only in recent memory with festivals like Rock The Bells that large-scale hip-hop festivals and showcases have become more frequent. Luckily for us we are quick learners; the hip-hop centric festivals I have been through easily rival some of rock’s great.

Atlanta’s All 3 Coasts (A3C) is another must attend festival. Taking place over 5 days in October where one could argue is the current mecca of modern hip-hop; it bridges the old/new, mainstream and underground. In the buildup to the festival they’ve got Beyond The Booth interview series by Maurice Garland. For this episode we’ve got producer DJ Burn One (Gucci Mane, Freddie Gibbs, A$AP Rocky) chopping it up about the music.