REVIEW: Tosca -Tlapa: The Odeon Remixes

tosca odeonOn the heels of their latest album “Odeon” Tosca (Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber) are about to release a remix version of their most recent work.  They are also teaming up with Beatport and are running a remix competition where submissions were due by the 22nd of July.  The winner of the remix competition will be announced the day the album drops which is August 20th on G-Stone Recordings.

The remix track is a bonus track from the LP called “Looking” and voting is happening right now on Beatport.  You can submit your vote for them here on Beatport.  I found this one by “Open Optics” on the front page and really liked it.  I especially liked the addition of the trumpet!  Search around for yourself and see if you can find a remix worthy of your vote.

After reading the track list for the “Tlapa: The Odeon Remixes,” I was a bit disappointed that “What If” did not receive the remix treatment. However when I heard the first track “Bonjour” which was remixed by Beat Pharmacy, I was quite happy.  Bonjour is the closing track on the original Odeon and has a minimalist feel to it, but Beat Pharmacy put together some nice beats around the hypnotic melody and really made the track interesting.  You may have heard Beat Pharmacy’s “Velocity” before, which is one of my favorite chill out tracks and is a good example of the great beats he has come up with.

The Brendon Moeller (Beat Pharmacy’s real name) remix of “Bonjour” has nice waves of synth and adds some strings to the mix to give it a very space-like feel.

Cavallo’s remix was really the only track I did not care for the remix version. It is way more abstract and there’s almost a ticking clock sound that replaces Dorfmeister’s classic trip hop beat on the original track.  It’s very off putting, but you’ll have to listen and see if it has the same effect for you.

The last track on the remix album was a lot of fun as well.  The “Makossa & Megablast 80ies remix” of “JayJay” sounded like a classic Depeche Mode track straight out of the 80’s.

All in all, the remix artists do an excellent job of bringing fresh ideas to these already well done tracks and you will definitely enjoy the variety here.

-Chillout Scene

Track list:
1. BONJOUR (Beat Pharmacy Escape)
2. MEIXNER (LTJ Xperience Mix)
3. IN MY BRAIN PRINZ EUGEN (Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid De Los Austriasybbs Version)
4. BONJOUR (Brendon Moeller Reshape)
5. HEATWAVE (Rodney Hunter Bounce-A-Thonversion)
6. JOHNNY WATERS (Silver City Remix)
7. ENDE MAI (Joyce Muniz Remix)
8. STUTTGART (Marlow & Trüby Refix)
9. CAVALLO (AFG Version)
10. JAYJAY (Stefane Lefrancois Version)
11. JAYJAY (Makossa & Megablast 80ies Remake)