PHOTOGRAPHY: Alex Stoddard Young Shooter


Young photographer Alex Stoddard reminds us how story telling can come in as many different forms as story tellers do. The Florida born, Cali based artist already has an impressive career behind him with clients such as Universal Republic Records, and Orchard Fiction UK, and has been published in magazines like Digital Photo Magazine and Dolce & Gabbana’s Swide Magazine. He made a splash in 2011 with his 365 project, where photographers commit to capturing a daily image for 365 days, which he completed at the age 17 with a very high level of art direction – a task that has always proven to be a difficult one, even for pro flicksters.


For the 365 Project he mostly used himself as subject.

Stoddard talks about his work in an interview on saying about his self portraits, “I didn’t always have someone else there to take picture of, and even if I did, I still preferred to photograph myself because I was still wasn’t confident in my work and didn’t feel comfortable showing it to anyone I knew. My self-portraiture just sort of blossomed from there, and it has become a staple of my work today. The characters I portray in my self-portraits and the ideas behind them almost never come from personal experience. Many of my pictures have a sad quality to them or are very emotional, but I’ve always had a rather dull life.”





We really look forward to what this brilliant fresh mind has to offer. The editorials in particular.

You can find out more about Alex’s work here.

You can check out his Flickr page here.