NEWS: Snickerdoodle Shakes, Kimchi Carbonara with Doritos, Wonder Bread Jay-Z, and More


[Photo from Honestly Yum]

Yum… this recipe for a Boozy Snickerdoodle Shake. (Honestly Yum)

Science shows us how to build a better pie. (New York Times)

Chatting with Peter Kim of the Museum of Food and Drink. (Serious Eats)

A True Blood cocktail book? (Eater)

Ever wonder what Jay-Z would look like if he was sculpted out of Wonder Bread? (This Is Colossal)

Well that was fast – Twinkies are back, but this time, they’re smaller.  (CNN)

A look at Bushwick’s new King Noodle, including kimchi carbonara with Doritos.  (Gothamist)

Get your tickets to Tasting Table’s Epic Urban Cookout in NYC this Thursday. (Eventbrite)

When a hot sauce dare goes too far… (The Daily Meal)

While fresh berries are in all the markets, try this berry cobbler. (Andrew Zimmern)

The “world’s friendliest restaurant” serves food… and hugs! (CNN)

Because no one can ever get enough outdoor drinking, here’s another round-up for Brooklyn.  (Brooklyn Based)