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NEWS: Kobayshi’s Hot Dog Line, The Continuation of the Cronut Craze, Cupcake Anti-Depressants, and More

by Lea Faminiano


[Photo from Zagat]

16 must-try burgers around the US.  (Zagat)

And if tacos are more your thing, here’s a list of the 10 best tacos in America.  (Epicurious)

The best prix-fixe Brooklyn brunches.  (Brooklyn Based)

Can this London bakery help you beat depression with a cupcake? (Refinery29)

Support the Museum of Food and Drink’s potential first exhibit – the food-puffing gun! (Kickstarter)

The one and only Kobayashi was in Bryant Park last night grilling his own line of hot dogs.  (Bedford and Bowery)

It’s not over yet – more development in the Cronut Craze! (Eater)

Learn how to BBQ at the Brooklyn Brewery this summer. (Edible Manhattan)

Scenes from the 2013 Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown. (Brooklyn Exposed)

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