MUSIC: Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows


After hitting a high note in the 90’s off the back of the alternative nation; somehow hard rock turned really shitty entering the ’00’s. It became tenth generation old grunge rehashes, rap-rock leftovers and Daughtry turning guitar amps to 11 and pounding the shit out of drums…it turned into rock’s biggest enemy, it became boring.

It wasn’t all bad in the ’00’s. One of the few bands making consistently great hard rock in the mainstream over the years has been Queens of the Stone Age. The reason why they are able to make distorted guitars and sludgy riffs cool and not come off derivative is the fact that they are great songwriters. Which is why an album made up of covers from a more ‘feminine’ angle, slowed up with all female singers, still sounds great: a good song is a good song no matter how you play it. The brainchild of French musician and producer Oliver Libaux, Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age matches a different singer to a different song taken across the bands catalog, and it’s a great listen.

Here’s the first single, a bossa nova esque “No One Knows” sung by Inara George.