MUSIC: Pendentif – 1er Julliet


You ever throw a dinner party for a bunch of international types, one of which you’re trying to sleep with, and can’t figure out what to put on the itunes playlist for the perfect time when you make your move?

Here’s a pretty smooth ass clip from french band Pendentif, “1er Julliet”, that might fit the bill. While the video is basically old chopped up old black and white movie clips set in a pattern that can only be called, “classically annoying”, the song is a pretty great slice of french pop. You’ve got the signifiers of the genre; an oddly misplaced but funky bass-line, a cooing sensual female voice, and perfectly edited 3 or so minutes of pop bliss. By the way, that model probably will turn you down at the party but at least you will look smooth taking that loss with this in the background.