NEW MUSIC: Kid Astray – The Mess (Casiokids Remix)


There’s something about Scandanavian countries that seems to facilitate the creation of some of the best pop melodies in the world. Makes no sense really because lord knows it gets cold up there; you would figure the place would have to have sunny 80 degree days (27 for you celsius kids) 365 days a year for the way they seem to be able to tap into the happy.

Anyway, in a long tradition of infinately hummable pop bands from that area(this time Norway), we’ve got Kid Ashtray. Their debut EP, Easily Lead Astray (cue laugh track) was just released. Don’t let that horrible pun of a title turn you off: it’s just solid pop music in the vein of Peter Bjorn and John and other Swedish/Norwegian pop masters. We won’t even touch the fact that they are all fresh out of high school. Fellow Norwegian pop act, Casiokids, provides an assist here with a remix off their single “The Mess”. Here they add a disco beat in the background that not only makes the single pretty, but pretty danceable as well.