MUSIC: Juicy J – Bounce It

Juicy J’s run as everyone’s favorite rehab bound uncle hit’s will hit its peak on August 27th when he releases his new album Stay Trippy. It’s kind of sad seeing him go solo; Three 6 Mafia is the most influential group in this era of trap rap. But the good will that they garnered over the years of hard work and ignorant bass rap struggle was squandered with a horrible MTV reality TV show.

Juicy J’s solo career took off when he just went weirder and re-appropriated the trap sound that he helped invent. On this track however, it’s pretty much mainstream fare with rap blight Wale and Trey Songs doing what they do mediocre. Thankfully Juicy J comes in at the end and saves it, rapping double time and dropping trademark quotables like “Ratchet on deck, and I know I don’t stunt/Trying to get head, while smoking a blunt”. The video is glossy as hell; featuring models with no tattoos or piercings whatsoever. Hopefully his full length ends up being more out of the box.