MUSIC: FS Green – Love Jersey EP


So it’s summer time and if you aren’t about to go out tonight you need to look yourself in the mirror and refocus your priorities. For me getting ready going out in the summer usually involves the fifth shower of the day because of the humidity and playing something while I spray on way to much cologne to get into the right frame of mind.

Which is why I like FS Green’s ? Jersey EP EP. It’s uncontrollably danceable with lots of chopped up samples serving as the basic ingredients (here’s a sprinkle of Ludacris here, hard 808 thumbs at a dry hump rhythm), but still pretty and breezy. It’s pretty much remixes with Drake and our favorite misogynist Ty Dolla $ getting a treatment, but the tracks are so switched up and dope Green’s pretty much claimed them. It’s also unfortunately short, but you gotta figure if he puts out dance music at this level of quality it’s only a matter of time till we get blessed with a full length and I get more time to

You can download it at the link below.