MUSIC: Elijah Bland- ‘Freedom’ The EP

Elijah Bland- 'Freedom' The EP

Elijah Bland- ‘Freedom’ The EP

Some people have talents…where they can just put together a project, put it out, and it sounds amazing. It is a reflection of their hard work and they are proud. They celebrate in the fact that they have accomplished something pretty awesome because for is a step in the right direction. Then you have artists, like Elijah Bland, who are blessed with the gift of music. They not only do the things that people with talent do, they take it just a step further. They finesse their craft with musicianship, production, and grace. They pay attention to the details. They are architects in their own right. The extra time they take to make sure that we as listeners experience them in their element… priceless.

After a hiatus of almost 5 years, Bland decides to give his audience just a TASTE of what he’s been working on. Freedom The EP , though short in length, is the perfect introduction to a now more mature artist. His voice is different. You can hear it in just the few songs that appear on the EP. His message, however, is still the same– love, no matter where or how you find it, is amazing. I randomly found out about Bland during one of my many conversations with Rich Johnson, curator of The Soul Factory NYC, who told me that I really didn’t have a choice BUT to listen to Bland. I didn’t want to believe him because I’m naturally stubborn and it is what I do. I must say, this artist has become one of my favorites.  So..thanks Rich.

I think you guys will enjoy this. It is type dope.