MUSIC: Dennis Ferrer feat. Jannelle Kroll – Mind Ur Step


In the future we are going to look back at this decade and remember when nefarious forces tried to sell us on the wub wub of dubstep and the over clipped 808 bass hit of bass music. Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothing wrong with getting your chest caved by a set of woofers but it’s car commercial music at this point.

Luckily the official throwback sound of 2013, classic house, is here to save us all. In it’s purest form it’s a near perfect distillation of r&b singing, pop melodies and head nodding drum production. Basically it’s dance music you can dance and not just mosh to as we move past the trap era. Producer Dennis Ferrer just dropped “Mind Ur Self” featuring Janelle Kroll which sounds like it was unearthed straight from 1988. Available in itunes, it’s a mix of solid r&b vocals, synths, and a beat switch that makes you want to practice voguing moves in front of a mirror