MUSIC: Bird releases ‘La Notta’

Producer extraordinare Bird has released his debut album, La Notta today. Extremely cinematic in scope it draws comparison to Portishead’s work with hypothetical movie soundtrack concepts. Bird’s production paints pictures where you can imagine assassins having a calm smoke together before engaging in a duel or watch a movie character cry as the love of his life walks away in impossibly high heels.

[wpvideo 2qvJak0V]

Not to say its doesn’t firmly have it’s feet in the hip-hop and R&B realm. The Mountain, featuring multi-instrumentalist Odonis Odonis, throws fuzzed out bass, organs and electric guitar at you at dizzying speed…but the impression you leave with is how much those drums knocked. Still Shine, featuring Little Brother, is a soulful slab of Dilla-esque hip-hop. Nightfall, featuring Roshin, has that live instrumentation vibe it seemed that RZA was trying to bring to later era Wu-Tang but in a way that doesn’t suck.

It’s highly recommended you give it a listen below and try to make sure you don’t daydream yourself into too real a movie.