MUSIC: Amma Whatt- Maybe EP

by Keya Maeesha
Amma Whatt

Amma Whatt

I love energy. Good energy will have you feeling some kind of amazing and wanting to just bask in it all of the time. When that good energy translates into music, you get lost in it. You don’t want it to end at all. That is how I feel when I listen to Amma Whatt. This Howard University Alum (YOU KNOW!!!! One time for my Bisons), Brooklyn based artist has that GOOD energy. Her aura is magnetic. She has a way of just making you listen to her and get lost. I’ve sat and chopped it up with this young lady plenty of times since we’ve first met and I am always impressed on how humble she is when you tell her that you love her music. Her modest behavior makes you love her even more and might be the reason why she’s everywhere, gracing stages, and building large fan bases.

A year ago, Amma released her debut EP, Maybe, to the masses. The response has been overwhelming. Featuring on stages such as The Soul Factory and Sol Village, then having opportunities to open up for some of the indie industry’s elite artists, Amma continues to pave ways for herself. Music like this doesn’t come around that often.  Produced and written by herself and the help of some very talented folks, Amma’s music is eargasmic and one that you will find yourself playing as a part of your daily rotation. She is that dope.

Check out Maybe and support good energy. She will have you like “wow…Brooklyn style. [She’s] a cool chick. So get used to this…” BOOM.