MUSIC: Jeremih – Ex To See

After last years wildly successful mix tape Late Nights With Jeremih, the r&b crooner is set to release his full length album, Thumpy Johnson, on Def Jam with P.Diddy being the executive producer. Looking at the recent track record for both label and producer it means that this album is never coming out.

Luckily for us he keeps on leaking cuts. A few days ago he put out the song “Ex To See” and if you sound it out phonetically…YUP, another song about that poor girl Molly. However at this stage in his career Jeremih is able to effortless pump out great melodies at will and anything he puts out is worth a listen. For most major label r&b acts it would be their first single, but for Jeremih it’s just another solid throwaway track in a good songwriting career.