EVENT: NYC Summer Restaurant Week ’13 – A Peek at Brasserie Les Halles


It’s that time again – Restaurant Week, that lovely time when NYC’s fine dining establishments set up affordable ($25 for lunch, $38 for dinner) three-course prix-fixe menus, this time between July 22 until August 16.  I’m a big fan of Restaurant Week (check out my take on La Villette and Colicchio & Sons) and I have to say – our choice this time around, Brasserie Les Halles, has my vote for my best Restaurant Week experience.

There’s not many photos on my part because I was too busy eating, but here’s a shot of the best portion of the meal – a roasted leg of lamb on top of French beans and a garlic cream sauce.  The other lovely and delicious parts of the meal included appetizers of chicken liver mouse with pickled beets and carrots as well as an ice cold carrot soup with honey and ginger, and the lamb was followed by a rosemary crème brulèe and two almond and Nutella macarons.

The Week can be hit-or-miss at some places – in many cases, the food may not seem to be prepared as carefully (since they’re serving their food for cheaper), the service can be spotty, and in the past, the menus haven’t really lined up with what they say on the website – but in this case, at Les Halles, the service was wonderful, the menu served exactly what it said it would, and most importantly: the food was absolutely delicious.

For more on Restaurant Week visit the event website.