DESIGN: Ziphius Acquatic Drone Covers the Surface


Azorean Aquatic Technologies, a spinoff of YDreams, has created a new swimming video drone with their adorable new snooping machine Ziphius. YDreams’ develops full-scale interactive environments in stores and other commercial environments, as well as historic and artistic exhibitions, and now with Azorean they hope to gain the leading spot in sea exploration for all.


Azorean’s new unflippable, waterproof invention is controlled by apps. The drone follows commands sent from smartphones or tablets in real-time, as well as allowing the user to play augmented reality games where one can explore virtual worlds. Another key feature are the programs which allow the drone to behave like a Tamagotchi. The robot expresses its ’emotions’ and operates independently when allowed.


Water proof and stays upright even in waves.

A 160º tilting angle HD camera lets it see above and below the water level.

LED flash light to enhance the vision in dark waters.

Records full 1080p HD video on board and does video streaming on 720p.

Reaches up to 6 MPH.

WIFI range reaches 300 ft., depending on the environmental conditions and the WIFI performance of the users’ mobile device.

Autonomous behaviors that allow the drone to play catch or dance, or express emotions with LED lights on its dorsal fin.

Augmented Reality apps that create gaming scenarios.

Directly uploads videos to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

Cup holder to deliver beverages (or dynamite if you are Wiley Coyote).


Whether for research, fun, good old fashioned law enforcement, or espionage, the Ziphius drone has a range of potential uses. While the machine does not dive, the success of this Ziphius version may be the seed for a robot that does in the future when they can figure out a way to connectivity under water, among other mechanical hurdles. They have a Kickstarter account set up to ensure the most efficient possible mass production, which you can find out more about here. A $200 contribution gets you a basic drone, as well as bragging rights to contributing to the rise of the machines.

Images by Azorean Aquatic Technologies.