DESIGN: Canary Intelligent Security System


Meet the iPod of the security world, Canary. Founded by security experts Adam Sager and Chris Rill and product designer John Troutman, Canary seeks to revisit the way we think of security. Currently, the most efficient security systems can cost thousands to install and hundreds a month to keep activated. These systems also produce false alarms at a yearly cost close to $2billion, and 41% of burglaries occur while the annoying things are turned off. And what of the renter? You’ve just moved to Bushwick Brooklyn from Middleamerica, USA, don’t know anyone, and want some peace of mind. And if you CAN afford a system that will keep your stuff safe, what do you do when you finally get that dream job and have to move? Enter this portable, single point, affordable, very high tech system.

The Canary system works with an app that sends push notifications to your smartphone from data it collects from motion sensors and HD cameras. The Canary also includes night vision; and temperature, air quality, and humidity sensors. It will collect your responses to alerts and learn how to better handle future security breaches. The app and primary service are free, and you can access them from an unlimited number of devices. Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. Home Edition is only a few Indiegogo projects away.



Canary has raised almost $900,000 of their $100,000 goal. I’m sure with this success they will be able to develop the next generation of security products in no time. You can pick one up for yourself at Indiegogo as an early adopter for $199. Less Hal 9000 though guys.

You can find out more about the project or contribute to it here.