COOL AD: Republic Wireless’s “A Cordial Preposition”


Republic Wireless has recently put out a funny ad where a slick talking salesman convincingly pitches why Republic Wireless cell phone packages are the way to go for folks who want a smart phone, yet do not want to be attached to the dreaded 2 year long contracts.  The salesman is backed by his trusted assistant who, at one point, seems as if he would make out for a good apprentice. However, once the assistant is put on the spot, he freezes like a college student at his or her first public speaking presentation.

The ad is very funny, however, don’t be fooled by the comedy. Republic Wireless provides smartphone users with all the perks you’d want from a contract-less plan. Firstly, you can’t beat $19 a month. Secondly, for you instagrammers, twitterers, and any other social media platforms you use, the unlimited data plan is the kicker. With Republic Wireless, you can DM, reply, explore the world’s social media at your heart’s desire! More information here and be sure to check out the funny video below.