ARCHITECTURE: Dyn-net Sky Farms Brings Dinner Closer to Your City


Javier Ponce Architects’ (JAPA Architects) proposal for rice farming skyscrapers in Hong Kong creates a new opportunity for sustainable design, and won a citation from the FuturArc Prize 2013 eco-architecture design competition. The Dynamic Vertical Networks, or Dyv-net towers, are designed for farming nearer to cities. The towers will use hydroponics to grow plants with very little to no soil and employs green building technologies.


Ideally the towers would be located on the outskirts of big cities to reduce food miles. It’s not a new concept. For instance, architecture firm MVRDV, who even influenced the selection of my wedding ring in 1999, developed the Dutch Pavilion for the Expo 2000 show, which included 6 different eco systems in one building. The first of the Dyv-net buildings will go up in the Tai Po District of Hong Kong but they hope to expand the project to other cities. The towers will feature floors that shift according with sunlight and climate changes to ensure plants get maximum exposure to the elements.

The Dyn-net project seems like a great concept for a sustainable system for countries with serious population issues like China and India. A solution that would be a necessity for a dystopian future in other places. I’d hate to see one of these go up in Queens or Union City, New Jersey for any other reason than having a technological wonder to take kids on field trips to. However, I will be looking forward to seeing the dancing building on Vine with a Shakira soundtrack in the background.