REVIEW: Tortilla Land, Uncooked Flour Tortillas

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Who needs a tortilla press when Tortilla Land has done all the work for you? This past weekend while road tripping to Cleveland, which is a mere 2 hour drive from Pittsburgh, I happened to find these in the local Costco. I’m almost ashamed to say that since I love Costco so much I almost always visit the Costco locations in places I travel too. I might sound a little nutty, but there are always some very interesting regional products.  Since Cleveland is one of the test capitals of the United States you can imagine all the really cool things, I didn’t review.

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Product: Uncooked Flour Tortillas by Tortilla Land
Price: $6.89 for 50 (which is apparently 10% more than usual)

Taste and Texture: These tortillas taste like your usual flour ones but they definitely have a homemade touch. Unlike the premade store bought versions, these are very moist and have a bit of a chewy bite to them. Which makes them perfect for burrito making since they stretch when cooked you can stuff them with lots of goodies and not lose the filling. Growing up in California, I enjoyed homemade flour and corn tortillas and these were spot on.

Nutritional facts: For the health conscious nut in all of us, these are great because they are all natural, no preservatives, no cholesterol, have 0 transfat, and have no saturated fat. They are made from just 5 Ingredients, unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, salt and a pinch of sugar. Serving size is 1 tortilla at 140 calories.

Would I recommend/ buy it again: A resounding YES! I only have one caveat; the amount that comes in the Costco package is a bit much for two people. I walked out of the store with 50 uncooked tortillas and absolutely no idea how I am going to eat them all. It is also great that they cook in just about 60 seconds. I think I’m going to precook a few to wrap and freeze some breakfast burritos; so I can just warm and serve in the mornings. Burrito night is definitely just around the corner as well. I checked their website, for the gluten free eaters they also make uncooked corn and whole wheat tortillas too. If you see them in your grocery refrigerated section, I hope you try them out.