NEW MUSIC: Vial of Sound – Ghost Ditch


Vial of Sound was initially a hobby during law school of collecting vintage analog synthesizers but it soon bloomed into an obsession. It turns out that they spent their student loans to collect vintage synthesizers.  Most student loan money is spent on drugs and alcohol, but the cats from Vial of Sound chose instead to spend it on analog synthesizers that are almost assuredly older than they are. This is the crux of their sound and dimensions.

Now, months later, after watching their live shows grow continual amazing momentum they have released  their second EP Substance Organique Volatile, which takes the plan outlined on their debut, which was an exciting drawing board of esoteric ideas, and fleshes out their sound into a three dimensional sonic groove machine.

Checkout their single “Ghost Ditch” below and you can learn more about Vial of Sound here.