NEW MUSIC PREVIEW: Lange- “We are lucky people”

UK DJ/Producer Lange (Stuart Langelann) recently released a single from his forthcoming album due out in the fall.  This is his first release in three years.

He mentions in the below YouTube video that rather than locking himself in the studio, he will be releasing tracks as he works on them. It is supposed to be more of a real album rather than just a club mix. I have heard a couple of the tracks so far and they are outstanding!  “Our Brief Time in the Sun” is appropriately named due to its bright synth-rich sounds.  He uses a some very warm sounds and piano mixed with synth reminiscent of Moby.”Risk Worth Taking” is a harder hitting dance track featuring the vocals of Susana.

Stay tuned to Lange’s YouTube page for more tracks as he has said that he will release a track each month to garner support for the new album.

Lange seems to truly enjoy making music and just from the video below I was drawn in to find out more about him because of his seemingly genuine disposition. Anyone who truly appreciates what they do and wants to share more of their work with fans is awesome in my book.