MUSIC: House Shoes – Let It Go…FOR FREE


Filled with hazy samples, hard hitting drums, and high quality MC’ing, House Shoes’s “Let It Go” was a gem from 2012. And now it’s free.

“My debut LP, Let it Go, dropped a year ago today. To celebrate the anniversary I’m letting it go. For the free. Fuck it. Pass this shit around y’all. It’s a good fucking record. All your favorites are on this shit. Buy links are below if you wanna pay some respect out of your pocket. Stay tuned for STREET CORNER MUSIC, the new imprint on Fat beat Records. More to Come…” – House Shoes

And it really is a great fucking album. Standouts include ‘Crazy’ featuring Black Milk in MC mode and Guilty Simpson in thuggy mode (is there any other mode for Simpson?). Here they rock over eerie horror movie organs and a vintage KRS-One sample. Danny Brown comes in on the track ‘Sweet’ with a verse that sits vocally between the high pitched druggy whine that made him famous and his normal rapping voice…the struggle between both makes him come off even more unhinged than usual. Alchemist comes off with Roc Marciono in full Gangrene stoner horror core-mode, “Crypts are dug and call me hacksaw, jim..cup runneth over the brim with Ayahuasca, lined chalked up, bury ya cockaroach and pine box ya”.

Each track is laced up with outros that bounce from full formed beats, vocal samples, and record shout outs (a kid chorus version of the Beach Boys ‘God Only Knows’ makes a guest appearance). They serve to give the album a seamless feel; the record seems more like a superbly curated DJ mix which is no doubt because of House Shoes work behind the decks.

It’s just quality through and through, and at the price of free a no brainer. Download or pay for below.

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