LIVE: Date Night with Zo!, Nick Hakim, Guy Lockard

It’s another edition of Date Night, Keya Maeesha’s showcase of up and coming R&B talent. Seemingly curated around that soul music is best appreciated in intimate settings, it feels like one of the few shows in NYC where the division between audience and performer doesn’t really exist; it’s a family affair through and through.

Show opener Guy Lockard came out guns blazing, starting the night off with a rock song (with guitar solo) before slowly bringing the crowd down to his pace. An imposing and handsome figure on stage, he started the night off strong relaying personal stories about the songs he chose before slaying them on stage.

Nick Hakim came out and played what could only be called sensuous lullabies. The crowd was entranced as he took whispers of songs and drove them home with assistance from the lovely (and extremely talented) Jamie Coryn. Switching between keys and guitar (with a thrown in Sam Cooke cover to boot), Nick quickly won the crowd over.

Finally Zo! hit the stage. Assisted by the powerhouse Deborah Bond, they played a ruckus set of R&B before slowing the pace down and letting Ms. Bond do her thing. She shimmied and shook while Zo! knocked down melodies behind her. They kept their set fun and lively, and the crowd responded in kind.