EVENT: Seafood Overload at New Fish City


This past Thursday, June 13, Brookfield Office Properties and Edible brought New Fish City to the Hudson Waterfront, a seafood feast featuring multiple vendors on the Hudson Waterfront.  A cute little setup in one of the lobbies of shiny Brookfield Place, there was a beer garden outside for dinner, while the rest of the festivities took place inside due to the impending rain.


There was a decent variety of vendors here.  Palo Santo’s line was hopping, and the line at Luke’s Lobster was crazy long, which was kind of expected since they were probably the more widely known vendor there.  I skipped on them this time, not just because of the line – but mainly because you can get Luke’s Lobster at practically any food festival in the city, and in New York, food festivals are like Fashion Week, because I swear it’s always Fashion Week, and there’s never not some kind of food festival here.  I opted to check out those who I’d never tried (or heard of) instead.


Brooklyn Oyster Party’s oysters

My three little guys pictured here were from Brooklyn Oyster Party, which was pretty ironic because the whole event was one big oyster party in my stomach.  It’s cool when you go somewhere and can get one or two oysters instead of getting a whole bunch you’re forced to down.  I know this is a super throwback, but does anyone remember that scene from Alice in Wonderland with the Walrus and the Carpenter?  And they get all these oysters to become their friends and coax them into their “restaurant” and then the Walrus eats all of them, and that was basically me, except I didn’t become friends with them first or anything because that’s weird.


I am the Walrus.

The halibut ceviche from Littleneck was on point and perfect with chips – ceviche is usually iffy with me because burping after eating ceviche is the absolute worst, but this was do-able.  Great, actually.  Maybe all the avocado in it balanced it out or something.  I also tried a lobster taco from Palo Santo which had more lobster than taco – which usually never happens with lobster for most places, but this was happily accepted (and gobbled) by me.


Littleneck’s halibut ceviche with homemade potato chips


Palo Santo’s lobster taco

Other vendors included Asiadog, L & W Oyster Co., and some non-seafood related vendors such as Ample Hills Creamery and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.

Everything was reasonably priced, ranging between $2-$10 for pretty much everything – most dishes were fairly small, but no one should really be trusting cheap seafood anyway.  Check the whole menu here.  I’d love to see these vendors show up in more places – New Fish City round two, anyone?