DESIGN: Brilliant New Lighting Designs

Some of our favorite new light fixtures for 2013:


The Jonathan Rowell Screw Me Lamp asks you to do just that to adjust it. The height can be changed by screwing and unscrewing the shaft to raise or drop the lamp. It was selected to be exhibited at ICFF Studio 2013. Go ahead and screw with it.


The Vibia Origami Wall Lamp is made up of folded square plates. Designer Ramón Esteve created the fixtures inspired by the Japanese craft. The lamps come in two models that can be connected to create larger pieces. Origami Wall Lamp is durable, can be used outdoors, and comes in three matte colors.


After accidentally breaking a piece of ColorCore, while working on a commission for Formica, Frank Ghery decided to use the broken shards to create the Fish Lamps. Some models can be fixed vertically against walls, while others were designed to lay on flat surfaces.


The Leimu Lamps, by Magnus Petersen, features a tapered concrete base that becomes a colored glass bulb, much like a modern wine glass. The juxtaposition of the tough vs. fragile material will work well in any setting besides your industrial loft apartment.


Achille Castiglioni’s iconic Parentesi lamp has been updated with a flat LED light source by designer Konstantin Grcic, creator of the Style Chair series. OK Lamp comprises a flat LED disc that slides up and down a steel cable and rotates 360 degrees.


The OOAK hand-dyed pastel ombre rainbow colored lamp is a unique way to update a vintage lamp by Earth Sea Warrior. Sure you can buy colored cords online and DIY these types of lamps, but ESWs on point pairings of the modern and nostalgic are enlightened and probably worth the high price tags.

What are some of your favorites?