ART: Kidult Hits Marc Jacobs, Again


Shots fired, again.  Last year graffiti artist Kidult aka KID, tagged “ART” on Marc Jacobs‘ SoHo storefront, which began the art and design beef between the two that produced the Parisian artist’s latest 686 tag at Jacobs’ Paris store. In response to Kidult’s initial act of vandalism, Marc Jacobs released the “Art by Art Jacobs” T-shirt in an attempt to undercut the production of Kidult’s “BRANDalizing” T-shirt lines.

See… Kidult tags fashion brands’ very public and very high profile exteriors, then he produces T-shirts of the attack that he gives away to fans and passers by.


ART, Marc Jacobs Soho Store tag by Kidult

When he tagged the Marc Jacobs Soho location a year ago, Marc Jacobs responded by creating the very rare Art by Art Jacobs T-shirts that the brand sold for $689, taking a stand behind the value of the exclusivity of his brand. The street artist responded to Marc on twitter, “LET’S PLAY, but we don’t play the same rules!” Game on! One-upping both designer and artist, graphic designer FRY created a $35 t-shirt with a picture of the Art by Art Jacobs t-shirt printed with the tagged storefront on it. Trippy. And as not to be outdone by either FRY or Marc, Kidult created the “Not Art by Kidult” T that sold for a measly  €6.89 (approx $8.80), also symbolically to contrast Marc’s pricey tag.


And after a year, Kidult’s latest contribution to the conversation is a large scale, symbolically green 686 with some dollar $igns in darker green that cover above and beyond the windows and door of the store – a reference to the price Marc sold the shirts for. Kidult said of the recent tag on his Facebook, “680? 689?…686?! How much are you going to sell this for? #kidultarmyparis.”


Other victims of Kidult’s anti-fashion biz graffiti include Supreme, Agnes B, JC/DC, YSL, and Colette.

If you want to see more of his work you can visit his website here.

Photos by Kidult and Hypebeast