STYLE: GOLD, Who Wears it Better?


From the start of Hip Hop it has been seen that flashing your newest gold chain was a part of the show when on stage performing. However, it seems that today’s artists have taken it to another generation where entire songs are based off of how much gold they have (or just rent for their music video). Either way, artists wear gold pieces to go with their outfit and it doesn’t always work. Today holding weight with how much gold they rock and how well they rock it can be seen between Trinidad James and ASAP Rocky. Continue to read to see what major gold items will be seen on their dresser and determine who you thinks rocks their gold better.

The Five Essentials:

1. Grills

asap purple grills

Wearing grills seems to be more accepted in public however, you still have to know how to wear them. Bottom grills seem to be the more sublt way to go.

2. Medium Size medallion


In the early 2000s of hip hop, wearing a huge medallion, or as Luda described it, “having a midget around his neck”, was what all people in Hip hop did. Now, it seems that wearing various chains with smaller pieces is what makes you hot.

3. Various size chains


Just like the medallion, wearing different chain styles and sizes, is the way to show off your gold.

4. Pinky ring


It all start with Al Capone and Al Pacino! Hip Hop artists started wearing pinky rings because of their respect for mobsters in the 60s and 70s.

5. Sun glasses


Having some pimped out 20s inspired sunglasses with gold trim speaks for itself.