REMIX: Kaskade- All that you Give (Free Download)

Justin Michael & Kemal remix Kaskade

If you were a fan of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” (or a fan at all), you will certainly enjoy this previously unreleased remix of the track “All That You Give.”

Los Angeles-area artists DJ Justin Michael and Kemal (Kemal Golden) are behind this remix, but this time Michael is releasing the original take on this dance remix from Kaskade’s extended version of his 2011 album.  This unreleased version still maintains the light, poppy feel of the album version which featured Mindy Gledhill’s airy vocals.  However if you compare the final portions of the two extended versions (here’s a YouTube link to the original extended version), you’ll notice the original has some fast paced piano hits and seems to be more of a straight forward dance track.

The “Late Night Mix,” overall seems a bit more mellowed out and easier to absorb, kick back, and chill out with.  It fits really well between the album version’s softer feel and again the harder dance feel of the original extended version.  It’s great that he released this one to have these great options

This track is available as a free download by “Liking” Justin Michael’s Facebook fan page. From what I’ve heard he’s got some good dance music chops, so it’s definitely worth it!

-Chillout Scene