NEWS: Introducing the Urban Outfitters Bar, Star Trek Beer, a Chelsea Water Tower Speakeasy, and More


[Photo from Honestly Yum]

It’s picnic season – here’s a couple easy recipes for a perfect outdoor meal.  (Honestly Yum)

Snapshots from the good, non-cancelled days of Googa Mooga. (Eater)

Introducing the new Star Trek beer – Vulcan Ale! (Grub Street NY)

Is Urban Outfitters opening a bar in Williamsburg? (Refinery29)

…And another food critic leaves Village Voice.  Hmm… (New York Times)

How to make the coolest (no pun intended) fruity striped ice cubes.  (Oh Joy)

10 ways to use a muffin pan – for something other than making muffins! (The Kitchn)

16 summer beers for you to try this season. (Paste Magazine)

This is what foor serving sizes really look like. (HuffPost Food)

A Chelsea water tower has been transformed into an exclusive speakeasy.  (Gothamist)

More reasons to visit Staten Island – two new breweries! (NY Daily News)