NEWS: How to Make Grilled Cheese Tacos, a Brass Monkey, a Bloody Mary Garnished with Cheeseburgers, and More


[Photo from Serious Eats]

This recipe combines two of my favorites – grilled cheese and tacos! (Serious Eats)

The full list of what vendors will be serving at this year’s Googa Mooga. (Grub Street NY)

Montreal’s new food truck plan screws over everyone.  (VICE)

A study shows that people who Instagram their food might have a food obsession – but honestly, who isn’t obsessed with food? (Gothamist)

What it would be like to deny Mayor Bloomberg a second slice of pizza (spoiler – it’s satire!). (The Daily Currant)

Yikes!  Here’s a Bloody Mary garnished with popcorn, peanuts, bacon, cheeseburger sliders, and more.  (Eater)

A list of the top ten taquerias in NYC. (City Eats)

In honor of NYC’s Adam Yauch Park, here’s how to make a Brass Monkey. (Brokelyn)

What it’s like to make lunch with Michael Pollan and Michael Moss – all with ingredients from the supermarket.  (New York Times)