NEW MUSIC: Rodion G.A.- The Lost Tapes

rodion Straight from the “new music that isn’t really new” section, an album thirty years in the making is finally about to be released to the world.

A pioneer for his time and tagged “King of Records” by his friends for his huge collection and knowledge of music, Rodion Ladislau Rosca and his band “Rodion G.A.” hail from Romania. Under constant threat of censorship from the occupying Soviets, Rodion G.A. performed their music at festivals, restaurants, and clubs in the 70’s and 80’s and even made a New Years Eve appearance on television to ring in 1980.

Rodion G.A. broke up in 1987 after the death of Rosca’s mother, and he thought he would never return.  The music was most likely lost forever.  However, this release all became possible thanks to a blogger and filmmaker Luca Sorin who tracked down Rosca and posted some of the songs to his website which got the attention of a group of Romanian producers called “Future Nuggets.”  It also looks like all of this attention is going to bring about the band’s first live performance in 25 years!

In the amazing interview video below, Rosca explains how he created some of his music with techniques that were never thought of at the time.  It really does seem ahead of its time with his great use of electronic sounds, drum machines, and psychedelic themes. You can hear a preview track “Cantec Fulger” on SoundCloud and I think you’ll agree it’s like nothing you’ve heard before.

“The Lost Tapes” will be released on Strut Records and drops May 28th.