LIVE: Murder Ballad


Walking into the Union Square theater, I wasn’t sure what to expect after seeing a pool table and bar surrounded by seats. Though as the lights came down and the band started playing, I knew I was in for quite a performance. The cast of Julia Jordan’s “Murder Ballad” did not disappoint as they immersed the crowd within the story of love triangle gone wrong.


Without giving away the story, the musical centers around Sara (Cassie Levy). Sara is an Upper West Sider whose downtown past haunts her. The narrator (Rebecca Naomi Jones) leads us through the twists and turns of Saras love for Michael (John Ellison Conlee) and Tom (Will Swenson). I really loved the immersion of the performance as they whole audience was part of the action and I was serenaded at the finale. The band for me was the heart of performance as they skillfully shifted between music styles with the changing tone of the musical. If you’re looking to check out an exciting musical, “Murder Ballad” is a great bet.