INTERVIEW: Weapons of Audio


After a short hiatus the Atlanta based genre-smashing band of Weapons of Audio are about to return. Brothers Floyd and Jeremy Daniels are about to give the world a taste of what they’ve been working on when they drop their ‘Girl Crazy’ EP on May 6th. Couch Sessions had a chance to sit down and catch up with the musical duo.

In Weapon’s of Audio music there is a sense of humor that’s hard not to notice. Is that something you purposely inject into the songs or is that natural?

It’s more natural because we definitely have fun in the studio. We don’t want to go in there and make it like a job. We definitely have fun with it and it definitely projects in the music in a certain way even with a song like ‘Kill My Boss’, which could be a super serious subject but we flipped it to make it cinematic.

It’s been a couple of years since you’re first album, Bipolar, and now you’ve got an EP about to about come out. Are you guys still in the Atlanta area?

We are in LA Now. We lived in New York for a little bit, almost two years ago, for about six months. We wrote those songs in New York. I think we were thinking of sunshine at the time because it seemed like it was the worst blizzard in history. The heat went out, and it was negative…minus who knows? (laughs). So we just wrote all these sunshine happy songs because it sucked at that time.

We were kind of brewing ideas, we didn’t have them fully written in New York but when we came to LA then we kind of laid it all down in the studio. We got the ideas brewing in New York.

So you kind of wrote these sunshine themed songs while stuck in a blizzard in New York?

Exactly (Laughs).

Are there different things you’ve brought to the table music wise since the last album that we will notice in the EP?

We kind of really found out our signature sound and where we wanted to go with our music. With Bi-Polar, we actually called it Bi-Polar because it was all over the place. We really didn’t have one specific way we wanted to go so we kind of laid everything down on the canvas to see what sticks. Then we kind of felt the vibe in that one and decided our next project we wanted to be more consistent…we kind of just figured out our sound.