The first time I saw DomiJo, I thought she was the tiniest replica of Chrisette Michele. At the time, she was rocking a fade, big earrings, and being featured by TheNext2Shine as an artist to watch. I was really excited for the invitation because I got a chance to check a few of her videos prior to attending the event. This child can sing!! She is MAYBE 5′ tall, but has one of the biggest voices. Since that day, DomiJo and I remained close. You can say she kind of latched on to me like a big sister and I’m completely okay with that. She is one of the few new folks that I’ve brought into my circle where if she ever needed anything, I’m only a phone call away.

Photo courtesy of Corey "Photoleer" Thompson

Photo courtesy of Corey “Photoleer” Thompson

There is a special nature about Domi that is so inviting. Her warm spirit, personality, and sense of humor captivates anyone who meets her. The Bronx native, who is now based in Philly, has a desire to not only become a prolific writer, but she also wants to teach folks how to express themselves through writing and translate them into songs. Sharing her gift with others is something that makes her happy, which you can tell when you speak to her about her day job as a teacher of young children. Domi is new to the music scene or a stranger to training for the industry. Domi attended Grammy camp when she was younger. She shared a class with fellow Get To Know alum and my doll face, Jennah Bell.

Photo by Corey "Photoleer" Thompson

Photo by Corey “Photoleer” Thompson

One of the things that I admire about Domi is her persevering, yet humble, spirit. She takes her time perfecting her craft because she doesn’t want to rush into anything and release music that isn’t the perfect reflection of her. During one our talks, she said to me “Why would I waste my time going backwards? I’d rather release something that showcases who I am, than having to put out something to have to change your perception of me later. Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Photo by Corey "Photoleer" Thompson

Photo by Corey “Photoleer” Thompson

So before she bounced to Philly (which I’m still tight about but whatever lol), Domi and I got a chance to meet up in the city and chat a little more about her and future plans in music. We met in Herald Square with my good friend Corey “Photoleer” Thompson to chew on some awesome Japanese food at IchiUmi. Although it was a little crowded, we didn’t mind because the talk AND the food was that good. Check it out.


Adorable, right? I’m really excited for the things this young lady has in store. She’s pretty much all and then some. Make sure you guys keep in touch with DomiJo and let her know that you are checking for her. You can follow all the things she has happening on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter (Disclaimer: She is hilariously a little thug so she tweets like one). You can also check out her music at SoundCloud. Keep your eye out for this one. She is definitely one you should get to know.

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Special shouts to Corey “Photoleer” Thompson who held me down on the photos and Broady Brown, of Nocturnal Charm,  who always hooks me up on the videos. If you ever need some photo or video work, hit those guys up. Peace!