FOOD: More Than Just the Banana Stand – How to Eat Your Way Through Arrested Development

The premiere of the highly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development hits Netflix this Sunday, May 26, and judging by the long lines at the Bluth Banana Stand world tour over the past few weeks, as well as Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand menu page on Seamless [that I so desperately wanted to order off of], everyone’s excited.

Personally, I’ll be celebrating the return of the funniest show on television by cooking up a special menu with the following items, inspired by some of the show’s greatest food moments – here’s a list of them so you can make your own, too!  [Note: if you don’t feel like being ambitious in the kitchen, head over to Three Letters Brooklyn on Sunday to sample a menu featuring many of the following dishes.]



A Banger in the Mouth [or Sausage in the Mouth, if you’re American]


Tobias/Mrs. Featherbottom: Okay, who’d like a banger in the mouth? Oh, right. I forgot. Here in the States, you call it a sausage in the mouth.
Michael: We just call it a sausage.

Breakfast Vodka Rocks and Toast


Carl Weathers’ Stew


Love Affair Ice Cream Sandwiches



Lindsay’s Hot Ham Water


Lindsay: Would you like to try some of this?
Buster: It’s so watery…and yet there’s a smack of ham to it.
Lindsay: It’s hot ham water!





Skip’s Scramble


Save Our Bluth’s Banquet Dinner: Poached Salmonella with Thawed Chicken Water Sauce


Lucille: This is what you’re making?  Poached salmonella?
Lindsay: It’ll be fine!  I’ll just put the sauce on them.
GOB: What kind of sauce is that?
Lindsay: Wait, this is the water I thawed the chicken in.
Buster: Oh, well that should go with chicken!
Lindsay + Buster: Yeah!

Dead Dove [wait, don’t eat that]


Curly Fries [wait, definitely not those either]


and of course, Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana