EVENT: The Village Voice’s 2nd Annual “Choice Streets” Food Truck Tasting Event


I try not to push myself into a food coma, but there have been two times that I’ve done it this year – and I hold Village Voice responsible for both of them.  It was that time again this past Tuesday, May 7 –  time for the Village Voice’s 2nd Annual “Choice Streets” Food Truck Tasting Event!

After checking out Village Voice’s Choice Eats event earlier in the year, I knew to expect the itis early on and even ate a minimal amount of food earlier in the day in preparation – but you still could have rolled me off that dock.  The event was held on Pier 86 at The Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum Complex, where guests were treated to their own tour of the Intrepid, along with complimentary food and beverage tastings from 26 food trucks and a variety of sponsors.


The Intrepid!

Drinks were graciously provided by many vendors, which included Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Shock Top, Bulldog Gin, among others, and patrons could use their tasting glass to sample all the delicious drinks!  The food trucks covered a whole range of cuisines and included favorites such as Coolhaus, Mac Truck, Hibachi Heaven, Nuchas, and much, much more.

There was a lot to digest (literally and figuratively) but my pick for the best dish?  Definitely Miami Food Machine’s Guava BBQ Pork Taco – this was a new truck to me and I was intrigued by the long line and the fact that I’d never heard of or seen the truck before, and I was not disappointed.  My second favorite was the Pork Adobo Taco from Mexico Blvd (the event was really taco-heavy) probably because I’m a hardcore adobo girl.  Drinkwise, everything was great, but I’ll always give extra points to a slushie from Kelvin Natural Slush Co. – the Arnold Palmer with blueberry is my new favorite combination.


A long line – a good indicator for figuring out if the food is good!

Scroll through the rest to feast your eyes (and pretend you’re feasting with your stomach) and see some of what I sampled at Choice Streets!  Also, Village Voice’s Event Director Rosemary Jorda was kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the event – here’s what she has to say:

Out of all the NYC food trucks, how were you able to narrow it down to these 26 trucks?  

Each year while curating The Village Voice’s Choice Streets Food Truck event we try and diversify the trucks as much as possible. We love to invite new trucks we haven’t hosted yet and also bring back some returning trucks from the prior year. We focus on the menus and like to invite a mix of cuisine so there is a little bit of everything for every one of our guests.

Are there any specific trucks you’re especially happy are returning this year?

We are happy to have back all of our returning food trucks to Choice Streets. Some including Mexico BLVD serving their signature sauce on a variety of tacos & flautas, Solber Pupusas and their El Salvadorian pupusa dish and Coolhaus’ custom made to order Ice Creme sandwiches are all making a return with many more this year.

How did you come up with the idea of doing the event on the Intrepid?

Village Voice events love to give our attendees the full experience. All of our events are not only curated by great programming but also with a memorable location in mind. When we made our wish list of locations to take our guests on this food truck journey the Intrepid felt just perfect. Attendees will be able to enjoy the best dishes our food trucks have to offer, and they also will be able to take in the New York historical landmark Intrepid Museum and its breathtaking views of New York.


Serving up some Solber Pupusas with the works!  Check them out in Red Hook on the weekends (not to mention all the other food trucks at the Red Hook Ballfields)!


Can’t go wrong with a chicken and cheese pupusa with onions, crema, and hot pickles!


Palenque served up corn arepas with chicken and portobello mushrooms.


I didn’t think Kelvin Natural Slush Co. could make a better flavor than Arnold Palmer with mango, but here it is – the specialty Arnold Palmer with 1/2 citrus, 1/2 tea, and blueberry!


Waiting in line at Rhong Tiam for empanadas and burgers, Korean style.


Ironically, Crunch was there too.  Patrons watched the Crunch girl do exercises while they stuffed their faces with street food.


Second favorite dish of the night – Mexico Blvd’s pork adobo taco.


Sampling a passionfruit ginger ale from Bruce Cost Ginger Ale!


Best haircut I’ve ever seen on a car.


And my favorite dish of the night – Miami Food Machine’s Guava BBQ Pulled Pork Taco!


A falafel flauta by Mike N Willies.


Desi Food Truck’s Chicken Tikka Masala.


Ended the night with a delicious and refreshing Vanilla Fudge Brownie Creme Ice from Andy’s Italian Ices! 


The view from the upper deck of the Intrepid – crowd still going strong at the end of the night!