EP: Ryan Hemsworth – Still Awake

Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth delivers his newest EP  avaliable exclusively on ryanhemsworth.com. A 7-track offering of original songs written on the road and a remix of “Perfectly” by Takuwami, this EP showcases the balance to Hemsworth’s highly visible remix work and previous EP Last Words, giving the listener a closer look into the mind of one of the fastest rising producers in music.
“I made most of it while doing my first tours in new countries,” explains Hemsworth. “Lots of new people and cool things and stuff in my life so I was trying to capture all the weird, happy, sad feelings I’ve been feeling. Just wanted to focus a lot more on emotions and trying to create an inner reaction when you listen I guess…Not to sound like Daft Punk or something.”
 Checkout Still Awake below and you can download it for free here.