DESIGN: Tokyo City Symphony

Happy 10 years of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower! The tower is a skyscraper located in Tokyo 238 meters high. Thanks to this anniversary, the Tokyo City Symphony offers a spectacular campaign & experience that’s based on the building of 3D projection mapping art on a miniature model of Tokyo at a 1:1000 scale.
I tried it for myself & it’s definitely one of those things that you should do if you have a lot of free time. I, for one, am lucky enough that I wasn’t assigned any freelance work for the week. If that were the case, I never would’ve even gotten anything done simply because this website is THAT addicting!
Here’s how it works: You basically get to choose between three cities: Future City, Rock City, or Edo City. You then press the different keys on your keyboard to create your own symphony or if it’s better for you, you can select it using the keys with your mouse. It doesn’t take exact precision because the program places your stroke on beat, but a good timing and an ear for music might make it work better.
Depending on which key you choose, it plays a different sample synced with a variety of visuals over the model of Tokyo creating over at least one hundred different sound & visual combinations. If you’re not musically inclined, that’s okay too. You can be like me (tone deaf) & still manage to create a beautiful harmony.
After you finish with your symphony can share it through Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Have a go at it here.
About the staff:
Animations were directed by TAKCOM / Takafumi Tsuchiya, a Tokyo based independent motion director. Creative director: Tsubasa Oyagi,  of Hakuhodo, a premier Japanese ad/PR agency, is the winner of numerous awards for the OK Go x Pilobolus: All Is Not LostVideo Dance Messenger, and the Grand Prix at the Japan Media Arts Festival. The music was directed by Koshi Miura.