ARCHITECTURE: Architizer A+ Awards


Awards Reception, Photo By Matteo Prandoni/

Architizer‘s sole aim is to get architects and designers actual commissions. What? Yes, They want to make you famous and rich! They do this by connecting architects to peers, fans, and potential clients through their site, and has become the largest and fastest-growing database of architecture online. Architizer, a spin off of design firm HWKN,  runs competitions, list jobs, and hosts offline events all over the world. And for the blog that boasts the most relevant content on the Internet their awards show, The A+ Awards, had the responsibility of presenting an event with categories and recipients of the highest caliber. And they did.

The awards were selected by a jury of +200 members including designers, engineers, and cultural thought leaders, and a Popular Choice Award selected by Architizer’s 1,000,000+ users. 87 winners later, a comprehensive list of current leaders and innovators in design emerge.

Design firm Snarkitecture; and Society Awards, designers of the MTV Moonmen; teamed up to create this elegant cube that reveals more than 8 sharp corners.


The City and the Storm, Iwan Baan

Another unique feature of the A+ Awards is how the honorees aren’t all recognized for design. Iwan Baan, the photographer behind New York magazine’s now-iconic Hurricane Sandy cover, took the Relevancy Award for highlighting human engagement with architecture through his pictures.


Jury Winner, Best Single Family Residential: Daeyang Gallery and  House, Seoul, Korea, by Steven Holl, is inspired by a 1967 sketch for a music score by the composer Istvan Anhalt, “Symphony of Modules,” which was discovered in a book by John Cage titled “Notations.”


Carrasco International Airport, Rafael Vinoly Architects

Jury and Popular Winner, Airports: The curve of Rafael Vinoly Architects‘ Carrasco International’s monolithic roof is inspired by the rolling dunes along Uruguay’s coastline.


Jury Winner, Residential Interiors: Skyhouse, the house in the sky, located at the top of one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers in New York City is a four story penthouse designed by David Hoston Architects. Coincidentally the jury selected the same project we did for our Best of 2012.

Congratulations to all of the winners and firms that were mentioned. These awards were given to you by your industry. You can find out more about the awards and organizers here.