AD DESIGN: Shutterstock’s Game of Brands


The houses of HBOs popular series Game of Thrones get modern ad campaigns created in their character’s images in Shutterstock’s Game of Brands. The show is based on a struggle for power among the Great Houses of Westeros, where different families fight for absolute supremacy before a looming zombie attack from the very north of their world during the Iron Age. Shutterstock asks, “what if the families that rule these houses were around in the present day, running modern corporations instead of prepping for battle?” The campaigns were created using stock images from Shutterstock, including icons that became components for logo designs. We loved the solutions presented by Mondayne for capturing the essence of these families.


The Lannisters’ investment firm promises to make sure their clients get to keep “the lion’s share.”


The steel dragons of the Targaryen clan still control the skies.


Who better than the warriors to protect J-Lo from a Flying Miguel. (We joke, Miguel is CS fam and Circus SXSW alumni)


The Starks outfit the adventurers heading North for some fun in the snow. Outbackers be sure to pack one of those new stone spearheads. You never know what things lurk in the night.


From the top of the world Arryn holds their position as the communication center.

You can see the original stock images Shutterstock provided Mondayne to create the campaigns here.

You can find out more about the design firm behind the project, Mondayne, here.

You can find out more about the project and see some additional images here.