STYLE: Young, Nasty & Wealthy

by Cheyanne Zadia

What do you think of when you hear the term “Nasty Gal”…?
I’m instantly reminded of Destiny Child’s single. Some might think of a dirty porn site. If you ask Sophia Amoruso to define the term she’ll define the term as “the fastest growing retailer in the country.” At age 28, Sophie is running a multi-million dollar business, “Nasty Gal.” Amoruso started her journey in retail selling vintage finds on ebay at the age of 22. In just a matter of merely 6 years her business has emerged into one of the fastest growing retailers to exist. Last year alone Nasty Gal sold over $100 million worth of products. With consumer loyalty from all over the world growing rapidly, Nasty Gal has yet to reach it’s peak. It is mind-blowing how this college drop-out went from making $13 an hour checking school id’s at an art school to approving million dollar products at her LA headquarters. Talk about rags to riches…..

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