STYLE: How To Get The Perfect Tie Dimple

art by  Mr Joe McKendry

art by Mr Joe McKendry



For decades men have struggled to deal with ties especially when it comes to perfecting tie dimples; the make it or break it part of tying a tie. For starters all professionals know that you take your time when tying his ties and that the knot has to be flawless. Also the type of knot chosen has to match the tie design, as well as the collar shape of the dress shirt. The perfect knot has a dimpled look.


To achieve a dimpled tie knot is easy, during the last step of your tie knot, before tightening, slide a finger inside the loop and carefully fold the tie down the center. Fold the tie all the way up through the knot to assure the dimples stays in place. Next, with caution tighten the knot while pulling out your finger. Practice makes perfect so if it doesn’t come out right the first time keep trying or switch up the necktie.