STYLE: Emerging Trends For Men

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Spring is here. The weather is just starting to break. You’re deciding on whether to wear shorts or jeans. That’s the easy part. Of course you pick shorts to show off your calf muscles you’ve been working on all winter. Ha! And if you’re up to date on what’s hot in the streets right now you’ll probably keep things simple with a detailed blazer jacket, an overly expensive t-shirt or a patterned button down. I’ve noticed the “Corporate on top, street on bottom” look. It works! Once you’ve got the main pieces covered you’re looking for the right accessories to take your outfit from “Just Chillin” to “Phuck yo stylist.” So you pin a broach to your blazer… then replace it with a corsage because you’re “the man” and real men wear flowers. As high school prom as it seems…. this look works!!

Warning: Discouraged by your boys’ unnecessary opinions you might opt out on the flowers but there’s still hope! It’s all in the accessories.

You’ll be surprised what accessories actually work for men these days:


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Although men want women to think their effort at getting dressed is non-existent, We know. In fact, men love the mirror just as much as we do. So while you’re in the mirror fellas remember to accessorize!! Women love it!

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