STYLE: Cycle Chic


The next time you’re roaming the streets in your city take notice to the dude weaving through traffic on his customized two-wheeler by Republic. Besides the unbreakable chemistry he has with his handle bars and peddles… what else do you notice? This guy has a great sense of effortless fashion. Although to him getting dressed for a day of travel is merely based on what garments will keep him warm yet cool enough to appreciate the breeze, in the world of fashion he is extremely relevant… So relevant that top fashion retailer H&M (in collaboration with Brick Lane Bikes of England) recently released an 11 piece collection in his honor. The collection combines the functions of cycling wear with great city style to create a more fashionable experience for everyday bikers. Unfortunately for female bikers like myself, the partners have yet to drop a female selection. The only thing I can say to the ladies is “keep cruisin’ in style and hopefully we’ll inspire a female collection…”