SCREEN: VICE on HBO Launch Party


Couch Sessions attended the premiere of ‘VICE’ the new HBO series last Friday, a television exclusive from your favorite fearless source of the absurd truth – VICE Magazine.  We got to watch the first two episodes which show you how home-made guns are made in the Philippines and what Taliban-supported child suicide bombers in Afghanistan have to say for themselves after getting caught.  As always, VICE is unafraid to hit the ground anywhere and talk to the people we only hear about in the news. Co-founder Shane Smith explained that they were traveling the world seeing so many of these stories that need to be shared, when he realized that he had the media platform to do it.

Surprisingly a defining trait of suicide bombers is that they have not really read the Qur’an, the Muslim holy text, which states it is wrong to kill. They are kids that have been told by Imams, Islamic community leaders, that it is not a bomb but simply important documents, or that the bomb explodes forwards only, detonating the unknowing child from afar. VICE questioned these captured child suicide bombers and while they all admit understanding now that their actions were wrong – many of them are repeat offenders.

We also got future episode teasers about North Korea vs. Harlem Globe Trotters and the sumo/Mixed Martial Arts craze that has swept Senegal. With such new and hard-hitting programming, as well as being a definitive curator of youth culture, VICE is definitely a game changer to watch.


Watch the trailer below and first episode here!

VICE is executive produced by Bill Maher, Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti, VICE’s chief creative officer, with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria serving as consultant.