LIVE: TNGHT at Webster Hall

In between their Coachella dates the dance music duo that is TNGHT brought their show to Webster Hall in NYC. A sold out crowd filled the venue, united by the catchphrase of the night, ‘Turnt up’, which they screamed aloud while unsatisfactory ambient electronic music played in between acts.

First NYC rapper stalwart Roc Marcino came out to warm-up the crowd. His enthusiastic reception helps to illustrate how the current ‘trap’ dance music movement differs from others in the past. Old EDM phases (techno, drum and bass for instance) were quick to discard their roots (disco, hip-hop) and claim themselves as an entirely different entity. These fans embrace it with many in the crowd knowing the underground rapper’s lyrics word for word.

Eventually TNGHT emerged from the back of the stage. With nausea inducing flash strobes they played the initial part of their set calm with a slow pulsating bass backdrop punctuating more laid back tracks then they are known for. Eventually they gave the crowd what they wanted and they responded in time as they jumped, screamed and bounced into each other on beat. Their setlist consisted of pretty much every TNGHT original and remix currently released with their newest track, Acrylics, received one of the biggest reactions of the set with the crowd exploding when the bass dropped.

Lunice took it upon himself to double as the hype man, periodically stepping out from the back of their DJ setup to dance, high five, and hype up the crowd(which considering the way the venue’s floor shook, wasn’t needed). Hudson Mohawk kept his eyes on the prize; rarely glancing up from his laptop but smiling at chaotic dance music they created.